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LETTER ASKED ON 29th SEPTEMBER 2019 – Informal Letter

Question: You are Shivani/Shiv, resident of CGO Complex, New Delhi 11000. Write a letter to your younger brother Naman apprising him of the Harmful Effects of the excessive use of cell phones.

Flat No. XXX
CGO Complex
New Delhi

29th September, 2019

Dear Naman,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. How are your studies? I learnt that you have been using your smart mobile phone excessively which is not appreciable. Obsession or addiction of watching TV, playing video games on the computer and hooking up to smartphone kills your worthful time and it will spoil your career.

Mobile phone lets you to call anyone and anywhere to communicate and keeps us keep us informed about everything. This smart gadget which lets you to carry out digital communication while Mobile Phones are a big distraction and don’t let you concentrate on your studies. They interrupt you a lot when you are doing some work with their notifications. There are many security issues related to mobile phones.

You become so addicted to a mobile phone that you forget your real-life relationships and makes you away from your social circle. The call bills and internet bills are so much that it makes mobile phones even more costly. The battery and other electronic parts are harmful to the environment also. It can be a great nuisance in the places like the library, temples, church etc. listening to music constantly with earphones or headphones can harm your eardrums very badly.

Using a mobile phone while it is being charged is really dangerous. Using mobile phones while driving is also dangerous for yours as well as other’s life. As everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, mobile phones also have its advantages as well as disadvantages. We should use mobile phones properly without harming our health, life, environment and others life.

Convey my regards to mother and father.

With lots of love and wishes,

Yours affectionately,

Address on the Envelope
Gandhi Road,


Question: Population Control is the only solution to all our problems.

Outline of the Essay:
Facts & Figures
Controlling Measures

The greatest threat to human existence is their own lack of ability to control their own growth. Humans control the growth of every other species except their own.The sudden and rapid increase in the size of the population is called population explosion. After China India has the largest population. The present population of India is around 133 crores. It is equivalent to 17.84% of the total world population. It is expected that India will overtake China in population by 2022.

Factors responsible for abnormal growth of population:
India is a tropical country where girls attain puberty at an early age. The custom of early and child marriages, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy of the people, falling of death rate and steep rising of birth rate due to advanced medical facilities, ignorance and lack of conscious family planning, are the factors responsible for abnormal growth of population.

Consequences of population Explosion:
As the population increases the consumption of natural resource also increases. Housing, employment and comforts become scarce. Increase in water, air and soil pollution. Health is increasingly affected. Unemployment will be increased. The over fertile farm lands turn in to deserts. Fuel resources will decrease with increase in their use.

Controlling population explosion:
We have to improve the literacy rate, female education and the socio-economic status of families as population growth is indirectly linked to these factors. The government should also create awareness in public about ill effects of population explosion. Family Planning programme must be strictly implemented. Incentives must be offered to couples undergoing family planning. All efforts must be made to popularise methods of population control.